Basra Engineering Technical College was established in Basra governorate in 1994 in southern Iraq. Teaching started that year with two engineering fields only which are Fuel and Energy Technologies and Engineering of Petrochemical Technologies. In 1998, the Environment and Pollution Department was established due to the increasing need in the region to protect and preserve the environment. In 1999 the college get expanded and established a new field which was called the Electrical Power Engineering Techniques. A year later, a fifth section was opened named the Refrigeration Engineering Techniques which later changed to Thermal Mechanical Engineering.

Study periods and study fields

Study periods

The duration of study in Basra engineering technical college is four years for high school graduates and three years for the graduates of the institutes for the same departments in college. The study includes theoretical and practical aspects, with the practical side constituting 40% of the credits for most of the subjects.

Study fields

There are five major study fields, graduates are given the certificate of BSc. in Engineering Techniques after four years of study. The study fields are:

1- Fuel and Energy Techniques Engineering

2- Chemical and Petrochemical Techniques Engineering

3- Electrical Power Techniques Engineering

4- Environmental and Pollution Techniques Engineering

5- Thermal Mechanic Techniques Engineering

The Dean Word


Dr. Adnan Abdulla Ateeq (2014 – current time)

Dr. Refaat Mohammed Dakheel (2012-2014)

                              Dr. Sajed Hussain Ali (2007-2012)

                              Dr. Abduljabar Al-kandury

                              Dr. Fadhel Bander Essa

                              Dr. Osama Salman Altamiri