About the Department


The department should have a special position among similar scientific departments at the local, regional and international levels by providing advanced and pioneering curricula for the department students to be efficient engineering cadres in the field of environmental engineering and pollution.


The department is committed to taking the necessary academic steps to achieve the vision of the department by preparing a highly qualified graduate who possesses the necessary theoretical and applied sciences and deepening the concept of technical education to contribute effectively to the needs of the community.


The program of environmental and pollution engineering aims to prepare a technical engineer capable of solving various environmental problems and reducing pollution of all types (water, air, soil). The department offers a special student education program that includes the necessary specialized and applied sciences and the skills of sound scientific analysis. The philosophy and objectives of the department are part of the philosophy and objectives of the technical university and the technical college of engineering.

Characterization of the graduate work

1- Use of modern methods of monitoring environmental and detection and identification of contaminants and environmental disturbances of various kinds.

2- Planning and design of treatment units of water, air and waste.

3-  Develop environmental legislation and implement international legislation and laws related to the environment

4- Execute environmental research related to the management and maintenance of the environment from various disorders.

5- Design of waste treatment units of industrial facilities in order to serve to increase production and benefit from products produced from different industries and reduce pollution resulting from their impact.

6- Work in research and health laboratories to ensure continuous monitoring and improvement of the environment.

Head of the Department