Instructions and registration requirements

New students must read the instructions before starting the registration process and check with the registration committee in the library of the college bringing all the required documents:

  1. The original High-school certificate, certified by the General Directorate of Education with three colored copies. Note The applicant will retain the receipt of the original document.

  2. Graduation certificate for graduates of the institutions of the first 10% graduated from the first attempt (original copy) with three colored copies.

  3. Medical Examination Form

  4. The original identity of the civil status with two colored copies / or the national unified card.

  5. Certificate of Iraqi nationality with two colored copies.

  6. Housing card or housing endorsement statement with two color copies.

  7. Recent personal photos X 6.

  8. The father’s identity of the civil status or the father’s nationality certificate with a colored copy.

  9. The sponsorship of a guarantor requires the presence of a guarantor for the accepted student. Either a continuing employee brings support for his continuation from his department or a pensioner who brings the identity of the retirement with a colored photograph. Students from other cities can carry out the sponsorship in their governorate in any legal department or student affairs division of the universities and government institutions.

  10. The personal documents have to be stored on a disk and submitted to us with the file for the purpose of archiving the data.


The system of study and Acceptance

  • The College adopts the annual system with two semesters and four years of study, and awards a bachelor’s degree in engineering in the concerned departments.

  • The college accepts graduates of high-school (Scientific Branch) and the acceptance is subjected to the conditions of the central admission plan by the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research

  • The College accepts the graduates of the technical institutes. The first 10% of the students are accepted in the second stage in the corresponding departments of the institute

  • The graduates of the Oil Training Institute are also accepted in the first stage in the corresponding departments of the Institute.