About the Department


The Department is on going with the development of the curriculum in line with the latest scientific developments in the field of electrical power engineering, in addition to completing the requirements of the scientific laboratories in the department. seek to raise the teaching staff and create the appropriate conditions for scientific research in order to obtain the scientific degrees required to be able to compete competently and distinguish with similar sections only local, Arab or international.


Preparing highly qualified graduates with excellent education that combines deep knowledge and basic skills. Graduates excel as engineers and leaders in their profession, and have the potential to pursue lifelong learning, basic research, applied research and public service.


The Department aims to prepare qualified technical engineering staff to work in power generation and transmission stations and to operate and maintain the electrical and electronic equipment attached to these stations.


Characterization of the graduate work

1- Understand the basic principles operation of power systems beginning from generation plants to loads.

2- Design, implementation, operation and maintenance of control systems for power systems.

3- Operation and maintenance of motors and generators associated with power systems.

4- Ability to analyze power systems in the main and secondary generating plants and to make the necessary measurements and the ability to operate and control the generation plants.

5- Design the necessary laboratory units for the requirements of graduate students in the department and operation

Head of the Department