About the Department


The department should be distinguished in teaching and research in the field of thermal mechanics engineering and advanced sections in Iraq.



The graduation of engineering cadres with high professional skills and ethics, caring for the gifted and talented, investing their energies and keeping up with the latest scientific developments, and preparing creative researches that contribute to building the knowledge economy.


1- Prepare distinguished engineers scientific and academic aspects of work in all fields of industrial and construction … and others

2- To enrich the graduates with the required information and skills and to qualify them to diagnose and solve the various dilemmas in the field of thermal mechanics engineering.

3-  Optimal investment of the resources and capabilities of the department.

4- Develop the teaching staff, administrative and technical, and attract the good competencies of the department.

5- Providing scientific and applied research that includes new knowledge that can be employed in the local and international market.

6-  Involvement of graduates in advanced scientific and academic research.

7- Updating the academic plans of the department according to scientific and academic developments.

8- Consideration of ethical, cultural, environmental and professional considerations.

9-  Support the State institutions in the field of training and development.

Characterization of the graduate work

1- execute calculations of thermal loads and choose the appropriate system and feasibility study of various projects in the field of competence.

2- Diagnosis of faults and supervision of maintenance work and repair of various systems and separate and central air conditioning units and air-conditioned warehouses for the maintenance of food of all kinds, medicines and other materials.

3- Development of air conditioning and freezing systems in line with climatic and environmental conditions to convoy with technical development.

4-  Install, operate and manage maintenance complexes related to specialization.

5- Participate in conducting research in the field of rationalization of energy consumption, and finding alternatives in the field of competence.

Head of the Department