About the Department


Develop the skills and engineering cadres to work and keep pace with progress in the chemical and petrochemical industry.



Supplying all chemical and petrochemical industries with specialized stuffs in the development of petroleum and chemical industries. And working with factories and units of oil installations in upgrading the industrial reality in the country.



The chemical engineering program aims to prepare a technical engineer with the ability to solve various industrial problems and work on the development of production processes and operation of industrial units. The department offers a special student education program that includes the necessary specialized and application sciences and the skills of sound scientific analysis. The philosophy and objectives of the department are part of the philosophy and objectives of the technical university and the technical college of engineering.

Characterization of the graduate work

1- Understand the basic principles in which chemical and petrochemical factories, and plants,  and processes within the system of these factories operate.

2- Design, build, model and simulate the technology of chemical processes in addition to understanding and preparing drawings and engineering and technological designs.

3- Design and operation of experimental laboratory units.

4- Operating and maintaining chemical and petrochemical plants.

5- Understanding safety measurements, risk analysis and control of pollution in chemical and petrochemical plants.

Head of the Department