Dear sons and daughters, students of fourth stage.
It’s time to say good bye,
It’s been always hard for me to say goodbye, its hurt when I say goodbye to you at the end of your study carrier at university. It’s the most difficult moment that will separate us. We have lived with you the most beautiful days, we were like one family. We shared sadness and happiness together.
I have acted diligently with you, where I considered myself the father and the dean at the same time, so maybe some of you got embarrassed, therefore, I ask forgiveness if I did not do well in my performance with you, I ask you innocence and I will be your father and servant in your life. I ask God to please you and I recommend you to seek and develop your Language and communication skills.
Words fail to say goodbye to you … I will not say goodbye because you will always be in my heart.
Dr. Adnan Abdullah Ateeq