Dr. Hussein Abdullah Leftah 

Signal processing for communication

Southern Technical University/ Technical Engineering Technical College/ Electrical Power Engineering Techniques DepartmentBasra/ Iraq

Contact information:

email: h.a.leftah@gmail.com

mobile: +964 (0) 772 976 6659

Our center will provide you with the most recent courses about Computer, Programming, Science, Math and Languages. Our staff are well trained and always happy to welcome you at any time. We will provide you with our courses time table, to allow you organizing your schedule. Our prices are comfortable and cheap comparing to other centers.

IT Center Location

IT center is located at the ground floor of building F shown on the map.


The Information Technology Center (ITC) will endeavor to become a leader and one of the top IT service providers in BETC for delivering information and communications technology and inspiring to support teaching, research, community services and administration duties for the College.


The ITC of BETC will be integrated central unit that provides reliable and smooth support in the field of Information and Communications Technology for the university community and external society to certify that our university is in line with Iraq Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research development plan.

Training Courses

Course name




Computer Hardware


MSc. Ismaeil

C++ Programming

Arduino IDE

MSc. Ismaeil

Google SketchUP

MSc. Ismaeil

Free Websites Google Sites

MSc. Ismaeil

PLC Programing

Writing your Thesis

Dr Hussein

Water Treatment

Wire & Wireless communications

Dr Hussein

English Language Advanced

Dr Hussein



To format your PC and/or install the following software’s, please contact us or just POP-UP

Office, MATLAB, Multisim, C++, Arduino IDE, SketchUP, Visual Basic, AutoCAD