Basra Engineering Technical Collage discussed a master’s thesis titled “constructing an Energy Extraction system for use in multiple applications” for the graduate student Hasnain Falah Abdel Hassan, Department of Electrical Engineering Techniques in the presence of the president of the Southern Technical University, Professor Dr. Rabee Hashim Al-Abbasi, and the dean of the collage, Professor Dr. Adnan Abdullah Atiq. The study concluded that the energy extraction system has a major role in providing sustainable energy to low energy consumption applications. The wireless sensor network is one of the most important requirements for the development of the internet of Things applications, where wireless sensor networks allows the spread of the sensor contract in remote or inaccessible areas it is followed to perform maintenance and replace batteries that are used one-time, and thereby procloning the life of the network and increasing its reliability. In addition, the use of an energy extraction system provides environmental protection by reducing battery waste and the pollution it causes when disposed of. The researcher obtained a very good rating.