Basra Engineering Technical College conducted a symposium on banning the law of the Baath Party, racist and terrorist activities, in cooperation with the Independent High Electoral Commission in Basra Governorate, and in the presence of the Dean of the College, Assistant Professor Dr. Laila Balasim Hashem, the Assistant Dean of the College for Scientific Affairs and Postgraduate Studies, Dr. Dhia Kamel Shri, and the College’s employees.

The symposium reviewed numerous legal topics related to the law on the presence of some parties and racist and terrorist activities, and explained the legal legislation related to them.

The law aims to prevent the return of the ideologies that led the country to decades of totalitarian rule and violence, as a set of mechanisms for intellectual, cultural and legal confrontation of the Baath Party and the crimes it promoted were clarified.

The Dean of the College extended her thanks and appreciation to the staff of the Independent High Electoral Commission for presenting the legal symposium.