Basra Engineering Technical College , conducted research sessions for postgraduate students in the departments of Electrical Engineering and Thermal Mechanical Engineering Techniques as part of the Scientific Poster Day activities, in the presence of the Dean of the College, Dr. Laila Balasim Hashem, the Assistant Dean for Scientific Affairs and Postgraduate Studies, Dr. Dhia Kamel Shri, and the presence of the scientific committees supervising the students’ research.

The students presented various seminars within the study specializations, which included the goals and problems to be solved within the labor market, oil and production companies.

Student Hawraa Muhammad Mortada presented a seminar on “Evaluating the performance of a solar water distiller integrated with a thermal storage system.”

Student Zahraa Majed Rashak presented a seminar on “Analysis of the effect of dirt on photovoltaic performance and extracting the maximum power point using (ANFIS).”

Student Nour Jawad Kazem presented a seminar on “Finding the optimal values ​​for PID to control PMDC speed using artificial intelligence methods.”

Student Heba Wissam Abdel Wahab presented a seminar on “The Impact of PV, the Battery, and the Battery on the Network.”

Student Zainab Fadel Ali presented a seminar on switching reluctance motor speed control (SRM) using artificial intelligence methods.

The Dean of the College extended her thanks and appreciation to the scientific committees and graduate students for participating in the practical poster activities and presenting research studies.