In the presence of the President of Southern Technical University, Prof. Dr. Rabie Hashem Al-Abbasi, and the Dean of Basra Engineering Technical College, Prof. Dr. Adnan Abdullah Ateeq, a public discussion was held at Basra Engineering Technical College to discuss the master’s thesis of student Kazem Sabah Rahima, from the Department of Electrical Engineering Technologies.

The study aims at optimizing energy by relying on artificial intelligence for the Internet of Things (IoT) applications.

The system is developed in two main sections:

The first section deals with the solar energy system, and the use of MPPT techniques to obtain the maximum capacity of the solar system. In order to control a DC-DC buck converter, this research suggests algorithms such as the Gorilla Troop Optimization Algorithm (GTO), Cultural Algorithm (CA), and Particle Swarm Optimization (PSO). The IoT system and ZigBee module comprise the control room section’s second. ZigBee is the preferred wireless technology because of its reliability. Because there are so many nodes involved, Wi-Fi or Bluetooth protocols won’t work well enough. Temperature and Humidity Sensor (DHT11), Motion Sensor (PIR), and Gas Sensor are used in this section that will collect the data from the surrounding environment and transfer the data to two Arduino Mega. The module is used to send the message and was configured in Blynk, proteus, MATLAB, and Arduino programs. The data received by ZigBee Rx are sent through serial communication with Arduino. In addition, the Internet of Things system is designed to protect the system by knowing the current consumed anywhere in the world and monitoring weather conditions and their impact on the system.

The discussion committee consisted of distinguished professors:

Prof. Dr. Wael Hussein Zayer / Southern Technical University – Engineering Technical College Maysan – as Chairman.

Assist. Prof. Dr. Abdul Basit Abdul Samad Jassim / University of Basrah – College of Engineering, Member.

Assist. Prof. Dr. Zaid Alaa Hussein/ Southern Technical University – Basra Administrative Technical College, Member.

Prof. Dr. Issa Ahmed Abd / Southern Technical University – Engineering Technical College – Basra / Member and supervisor.

After being thoroughly discussed, the master’s thesis was approved and graded (very good).