Automation and Control Technologies Engineering Department, Basra Engineering Technical College, Southern Technical University, held a workshop on obtaining a green environment by reducing emissions of combustion. The workshop was presented by the head of the department, Professor Dr. Issa. Ahmed Abed, assist. Lect. Wasan Asaad Jawad, and assist.lect. Zahraa AbdulHussein Nejm. The workshop concluded that every person on this planet contributes to the carbon emissions, so in order to reduce the effects of climate change, everyone must reduce their carbon footprint. Every person on this planet must reduce their carbon footprints even if the results will not appear until at least a hundred years later.

Moreover, the workshop recommended that since the process of producing electrical energy constitutes a quarter of carbon emissions into the atmosphere, the average person in the community is capable of reducing their carbon footprint by using electrical energy. Further, it recommended that traditional cars must be replaced with electric cars to reduce fuel burning emissions, reducing carbon emissions by reducing waste and recycling plastic, and using modern technologies used in developed countries such as the technology of capturing carbon from the atmosphere and re-injecting it in the ground to recover oil.