Basra Engineering Technical Collage held a workshop on corrosion and its effects on the environment at the Southern Technical University, presented by the teaching staff, Dr. Akram Awad Mozan, Abdul Razzaq Saeed Abdullah, and, Ahmed Yahya Issa, In the Department of Chemical and Petrochemical Engineering Techniques in the presence of the college’s professors and students.

The workshop topics included corrosion, its causes and risks, and ways to reduce and treat corrosion.

The workshop concluded with recommendations aimed at finding treatments for the risk of corrosion in the environment, as it stipulated the use of environmentally friendly inhibitors and the use of cathodic protection in pipelines for transporting crude oil in order to avoid the occurrence of fractures or cracks in the pipes, which in turn leads to the occurrence of environmental disasters, whether they be to the soil, water or air. Periodic inspection of metals to ensure that they are not exposed to corrosion to avoid unplanned extinguishing.