asra Engineering Technical College, discussed a master’s thesis titled “Design and Implementation of a DC-DC Converter for Artificial Intelligent Control of a Photovoltaic System” by graduate student Riam Muhammad Jassim, Department of Electrical Engineering Techniques, in the presence of the President of the Southern Technical University, Professor Dr. Rabie Hashem Al-Abbasi, and the Dean of the College, Professor Dr. Adnan Abdullah Ateeq.

The researcher confirmed that her study concluded that “the demand for energy has increased due to the depletion of fossil fuels and the increase in global warming from carbon emissions, which has led to an increased need for alternative energy.”
The researcher adds, “Solar energy can be considered one of the most exhaustible sources of energy in the world, as the problem with solar energy is low efficiency due to changes in environmental conditions. The photovoltaic (PV) system shows non-linear behavior under actual climatic conditions and fluctuating output power with Solar radiation and varying temperature make the system non-linear behaviour
PV and Weather Change The Maximum Power Point (MPP) is difficult to track. Therefore, you need a strategy
Controlling the MPP to a powerful controller and a high-efficiency DC-DC power converter, to extract and derive the peak potential power from the PV module.
The researcher confirms that, “In this study, a high-output positive Luo transformer circuit is used and designed
POSLL (in Simulink/MATLAB). Many MPPT methods have been applied and implemented
For photovoltaic systems in order to improve and raise the energy rate of the photovoltaic unit as much as possible.”

The researcher adds, “The simulated results showed the convergence characteristics and accuracy of the optimization algorithms.”
Finally, the parameters of the photovoltaic cell model are extracted using the MRFO algorithm in this work to improve the accuracy of the control system.

The researcher received a very good rating.