In the presence of the President of Southern Technical University, Prof. Dr. Rabee Hashim Al-Abbasi, a public discussion was held at Basra Engineering Technical College to discuss the master’s thesis titled “Dynamic Modeling, Analysis, and Simulation of a Drone” of student Ayat Abdul Hussein Mawla, from the Department of Thermal Engineering Technologies.

The study aimed to investigate the performance of the airfoils under different flight conditions and to compare the performance of the two airfoils. The results showed that the asymmetric airfoil NACA 4412 gave a higher lift coefficient compared to the symmetric airfoil NACA 0012 for all angles of attack and Reynolds numbers, despite the slight increase in the drag of the asymmetric airfoil. Despite the small efficiency at zero angle of attack for the symmetrical airfoil.

After being thoroughly discussed, the master’s thesis was approved and graded (very good).